You are a vital part of our community, for which we are deeply grateful.


We are reaching out to you with a very important question: Will you help us continue to give help, healing, and hope to our friends and neighbors?

Even before COVID-19, thousands of Jewish community members were:

  • Economically insecure, without the financial resources for emergency or retirement expenses
  • Receiving food stamps or Medicaid, while others had experienced an economic hardship or unmet financial and/or health needs
  • The Holocaust survivors in our midst faced poverty, health issues, food insecurity, and isolation

This grim snapshot has only worsened, as people’s needs have increased exponentially with the global pandemic. People are living paycheck-to-paycheck, barely making ends meet, and at risk of losing their cars or homes. For some, the struggle to secure basic necessities is all too real.

YOUR GIFT can help us ensure that we are able to continue our work ensuring safety and comfort, and good mental health. Please consider ending 2020 with a donation that can help us help those in need make rent/mortgage payments, receive a kosher home-made meal, pay electric bills, and be able to pay for groceries.

YOUR GIFT gives us the means by which to serve the community through nearly 30 vital social and human service programs. We are here, providing socialization to isolated seniors, bereavement support groups, counseling, psychiatry and child psychiatry, emergency financial assistance, transportation, and care management.

When Tikkun Olam (acts of kindness performed to perfect or repair the world) are embraced as both a phrase and a very real part of the fabric of Jewish life, extraordinary things happen!

With your help, we can continue to show our compassion, affection, and conviction. Please join us in helping make a difference in the lives of so many in need.  ALL GIFTS ARE ELIGIBLE FOR A 100% TAX DEDUCTION!