Senior Services

Addiction Support

The goal of this program is to ensure that Jewish individuals and their families who are impacted by addiction find support within the Jewish community and receive education and a safe space to receive support. 

Bereavement Support

The Bereavement Program offers various stages of bereavement support groups providing a safe place to share information and feelings with others going through a loss of a spouse or partner.

Care Management

The Care Management Program utilizes professionals who specializes in assisting adults, older adults and their families in meeting long-term care arrangements. Alpert JFS care managers are all credentialed professionals with extensive experience working with adults, older adults and their families.

Companion Services

The Enhanced Companion Program will help you remain active and independent in the comfort of your own home. Our friendly companions provide you with the freedom to "live your own life in your own way".  With the help of an Enhanced Companion, YOU take control of your life.


The Counseling Program utilizes professionals to enable people experiencing emotional problems, relationship or family issues, or temporary stresses to stabilize or resolve these issues. Our experienced counselors and staff psychiatrist are here for you and your family.


The Guardianship Program manages the affairs of court mandated individuals who have been deemed unable to manage their own affairs. With court orders, our guardians assume certain rights of the Ward to make decisions about many aspects of daily life.

Holocaust Survivors Assistance

The Holocaust Survivor’s Assistance Program is dedicated to easing the lives of survivors of the Shoah.  Our internationally recognized professional staff has expertise in helping survivors to identify and address the unique social welfare, health care, and emotional needs of Jewish victims of the Nazi atrocities.

Pooled Trust - Medicaid Eligibility

The Pooled Trust allows seniors and or disabled individuals to place income and/or assets that are over government benefit limit requirements for Medicaid into the trust, so that they can qualify for much needed government benefits and be instantly eligible.


The Psychiatry Program includes developmental consultation and treatment, comprehensive assessment, medication evaluation, management, and ongoing follow up monitoring.

Psychological Testing

The Psychological Testing Program offers a wide range of comprehensive psychological evaluations provided by Doctoral Level Mental Health Professionals. The results and recommendations from the evaluations can be used to provide treatment recommendations for therapy and psychiatric treatment,

Support Groups

Support Groups are made up of people with common interests and experiences. People who have been through, or are going through, a similar circumstance can do more than sympathize with you — they can relate to what you are going through and keep you from feeling like you are alone.