Child Psychiatry

Alpert JFS is privileged to have on our clinical team renowned child psychiatrist Dr. Jeryl D. Kershner, who specializes in child and adolescent psychiatry and developmental and behavioral pediatrics, and sub-specializes in the pharmacology of developmental and psychiatric problems.


The Counseling Program utilizes experienced, professional Master’s level counselors who have specialized training working with children and families. We are here for your child your family.


The Mentoring 4 Kids Program. M4K provides a same-sex role-model for a child who has lost a significant caregiver through death or divorce. It is a free, non-sectarian program for children ages of 6-14 that helps fill a void in the child’s life and strengthens the family.

Play Therapy

The Play Therapy Program utilizes expert therapists trained to utilize therapy techniques that involve clay, paints, puppets, dolls, etc…with which the child can express her feelings, and explore new, more successful ways to cope. 

Psychological Testing

The Psychological Testing Program offers a wide range of comprehensive psychological evaluations provided by Doctoral Level Mental Health Professionals. The results and recommendations from the evaluations can be used in schools for educational planning, placement, and testing accommodations.