Melvin J. & Claire Levine Jewish Residential & Family Service

Premier Residential Programming for Adults with Disabilities 

Located in the heart of Palm Beach County, Florida, our cutting edge residential program provides a continuum of services for those who may be developmentally disabled, significantly learning disabled, and/or chronically mentally ill. Our goal is to optimize our residents’ potential, enabling them to lead fulfilling lives in a least restrictive environment. At Levine JRFS, we are committed to working with families; providing a safe, nurturing environment for residents, in which they continually progress, establish, and meet their own personal goals.

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With your input, we will determine the right levels of supervision, monitoring, structures and support necessary to promote the highest level of independent functioning for the individual. With our assessment and your input, we will learn as much as we can about your loved one in order to provide the care that you would expect.

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Resident Benefits

At Levine JRFS, we pride ourselves on providing the most innovative continuum of care for adults with disabilities in the country. Our continuum of services allows for various levels of monitoring and supervision and an easy transition between programs when a resident’s functional level changes. Residents in both programs socialize with one another and feel part of a larger community. People are not static. Needs change across time. The key to increasing independence for adults with disabilities is to find the right “fit” of structures and supports, which can and do vary across time.

All Residents Benefit From:

  • Two Board Certified On-Staff Psychiatrist
  • Ivy League Educated full-time Clinical Director
  • Professional Licensed Counseling Staff
  • Facilitated Medical & Psychiatric Care
  • Vocational Coordination & Programs
  • Volunteer Opportunities
  • Transportation
  • Participation in Community Programs & Events




Will my adult child have a peer group?

Our residents range in age from early twenties to mid-sixties. Friendships develop through the ages.


What about religion. Do they have to be Jewish?

Most, but not all of our residents are Jewish. Residents may practice whatever religion they choose. We expose everyone to universal Jewish values.


What about Diagnosis? 

Our residents are placed in programs based on function not diagnosis. Some are significantly learning disabled, some developmentally disabled, some chronically mentally ill.


We don’t live in Florida. Would this program still be a great fit for us?

Many of our families live out of state. We facilitate visits to families and families’ visits to us. It’s easy to get to Florida.


What about jobs?

We are contracted with a privately funded, community-based employment service which specializes in placing job seekers who experience barriers to employment. These specialists come to our activity center to interview our residents, provide job preparation skills and build a successful resume with the ultimate goal of making the best job or volunteer placement possible.


Tell me about the social aspects of your program?

Parents receive a copy of the monthly social calendar. It includes on-going activities such as groups, cooking classes, exercise, shopping, games, Friday Shabbat services and ordering dinner in to our clubhouse. It could also include going to the Kravis Center, or other local venues, for a concert or a play, going to sports events, movies, monthly birthday bashes or events in the community. We also plan yearly trips to places like Disney World or Busch Gardens.


Is there transportation available?

LJRFS maintains a fleet of cars and vans, many donated by the Department of Transportation, which are used to transport residents to work, social events, doctors appointments, grocery shopping, etc. A few residents have their own cars.


Tell me more about the staff?

Our staff is trained to care about our residents in a personal and professional way. In addition to our regular day time and weekend staff, we have a trained, awake person in the office all night. You will certainly have the opportunity to speak to and meet many members of the residential team during your visit to the program.


How do you keep the family “in the loop” with what’s going on?

A care plan is developed by the family, the staff, the clinical director and the resident. The care plan encompasses areas such as nutrition and exercise, vocational goals, medical and psychiatric needs, in-home supports, finances and interpersonal goals. Phone calls are made by staff to families on a regular basis. Quarterly family meetings are held.