Supported independent living at its finest! LJRFS’ apartment program caters to adults requiring some level of supervision, but able to be safe in their own apartments. Each resident lives in a spacious, one or two-bedroom apartment in an elegant, tropical apartment community complete with swimming pools, tennis courts, indoor racquetball and state-of-the- art fitness centers.  

Each resident has an individualized care plan encompassing areas including nutrition, exercise, vocational goals, medical and psychiatric needs, in-home supports, finances, and interpersonal goals. Our care plans are carefully developed with the resident, staff, and input from the family. Residents have a primary care coordinator working with them to establish and successfully implement the individualized care plan. Our 24 hour support staff is on site where staff assists with medication management and encourages participation in an abundance of social experiences. Residents receive assistance in menu planning, grocery shopping, and meal preparation as needed to maximize their potential and promote optimal functioning.

In addition to our dedicated support staff, the community for our apartment program features  numerous other amenities to help ensure our residents safety during any inclement weather.


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Resident Testimonial:

At first, I was scared about being on my own, especially at night. Then I worked out a plan with my care coordinator. We set different goals to accomplish every day. I am really proud. I met my goals ahead of schedule and now things are fun. I cook my own meals and I eat healthy. Sometimes, I even make dinner with my friends and we have a “dinner party.” My new goals are getting easier for me now. I love decorating my own place, doing my own laundry, and going on trips with friends in the apartment program.