Our counselors in the Domestic Abuse Support program help to enable people experiencing emotional problems, relationship or family issues, or temporary stresses to stabilize or resolve these issues. Our experienced counselors and staff psychiatrist are here for you and your family.



  • Make it difficult for you to connect with friends and family?
  • Control financial resources or limit your access to financial information?
  • Physically or verbally intimidate you?
  • Break your belongings?
  • Push, shove, hit, or restrain you?
  • Prevent you from safely leaving the room or house?
  • Threaten to take your children or livelihood from you?
  • Deny or blame you for their abusive behavior?

If so, you may be a victim of domestic abuse.



  • Domestic abuse happens as frequently in Jewish homes as in the general community
  • Abusive behavior can pass from generation to generation
  • Nearly one in four (25%) adults and one in three (33%) of teens experience abuse



Support Group

Isolation from friends and family often occurs as a result of a controlling relationship. Our educational Healthy Relationships support group is a great opportunity to connect with other Jewish individuals who may be in similar situations.

Domestic Abuse Consultation

Do you wonder if your relationship is abusive? Do you know how to stay safe?  Are you familiar with available resources? Our Domestic Abuse program can assist you with identifying abuse, creating a personalized safety plan for you and your children, and can direct you to local and out-of-state domestic abuse resources.

Teen Prevention

Our Relationships and Decisions program trains Jewish teen leaders to teach other Jewish adolescents about healthy relationships, stereotypes, and self-esteem, in the hopes of preventing bullying and abusive dating relationships.

Friend and Family Support

Helping a friend, family member, or co-worker who is in an abusive relationship can be challenging. We can help you learn ways to effectively communicate your concerns and assist them.

Prevention and Education

We conduct workshops for synagogues, organizations, and teen groups for participants to learn about warning signs and how to stop the cycle of abuse. For employers, we offer consultation on the effects of domestic abuse in the workplace, workplace safety, and hows to offer assistance to an employee who may be experiencing abuse.


Hebrew for “voices”, KOLOT is a coalition of representatives from Jewish and other community organizations, professionals, and volunteers. Its mission is to end abuse and encourage help-seeking through awareness and education, including accessible informational materials for victims, community education, and events.