For Three Generations Alpert Jewish Family Service has been there for Laura and her family.  

My name is Laura. My grandparents made the move to West Palm Beach in the 1970s to enjoy their retirement. Everything was wonderful for two years, and then my grandmother was diagnosed with dementia. My grandfather cared for her daily needs, but it was taking a toll on him.  He was in despair and isolated. A friend in his synagogue told him about the Alpert JFS. He called the office and the woman who answered the phone was so compassionate and patient. She provided resources for him so that he could get the right help. It was the lifeline he needed.  Years later, as parents of a child with Autism Spectrum Disorder, my son’s care has severely impacted our family finances.  Combined with our job loss during the pandemic, my husband and I were having difficulty paying our bills and keeping food on our table. My friend suggested I contact the JFS C.A.L.L. Service – just like my grandfather before me. A wonderful volunteer from the JFS Food Pantry delivered groceries to us, and someone helped us apply for financial assistance. My husband and I are seeing an Alpert JFS therapist to help us manage our stress. These services have saved our marriage and provided a much-needed safety net for our family. Alpert JFS was there two generations ago for my family and has been here for us again. We can’t thank you enough!

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