LifePlanning for Persons with Disabilities

The Melvin J. & Claire Levine LifePlanning® Program offers education, advocacy, consultation and emotional support to parents, siblings and caregivers of a family member with a disability.               

This program encourages and assists in planning for the future.


Disabilities may include, but are not limited to:

– Physical Disabilities     – Intellectual Disabilities     – Developmental Disabilities     – Mental Illness     – Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI)


Educational Workshops

Educational workshops provide families with resources and information related to current and future planning for persons with disabilities.

Workshop Topics

Benefits (SSDI, SSI, Medicaid, Food Stamps, etc.)

Legal and Financial Planning

Vocational Programs

Recreational Activities

Home & Community Based Medicaid Waiver

Guardianship & Alternatives

Special Needs Trusts

The ABLE Act

Additional topics to be determined




Private consultations are available to discuss individual planning and support needs with a masters-level Social Worker. Information and referrals to other agencies and services may be provided.




Is there a charge for this program?

No, this is a free program! The Mevin J. & Claire Levine LifePlanning Program is offered at no charge.


Is my confidentiality protected?

Yes. The individuals and families who are part of this program have their confidentiality protected. We do not publish names of attendees nor do we share contact or attendee information with any outside entities.


Do I have to be Jewish to participate in this program?

No!  our agency welcomes all faiths.  We receive funding from various sources which allow us to open our doors wide in our general community.  Our staff is sensitive to cultural impact, values and traditions.