Russell’s Story


“I used to dread each hour of the day. Now I make the most of every minute.” Before I found my new home at Levine Jewish Residential I slept the days away to escape. I was afraid of my illness and afraid nothing in life would ever work for me. I felt completely alone.


Now I’m not afraid anymore. I can’t wait to see what the day will bring.


I know there will be good days and bad days, but there will always be someone here to care for me. I’m finally living the life I’d hoped for.




A Forever Home


At some point in life, adults with severe or chronic mental health conditions and disabilities need care and structure beyond what their parents can give them. Levine Jewish Residential offers a home for a lifetime, even after their family is gone.


A Forever Family

We are One Family. The human heart holds us together. Without your help, Russell and his fellow residents would have no home or purpose, as local or state resources do not exist for them. Your support provides the life they deserve, and opportunities they couldn’t have without you.


“Because of you, now I’m surrounded by friends, go to college, and enjoy cooking and art. There is joy and meaning in my life.”


 February is Jewish Disabilities Month

Please make a generous gift to Russell and Levine Jewish Residential & Family Service.

 Your contribution gives adults with disabilities the best possible care and quality of life.