One of Alpert Jewish Family Service’s Holocaust survivor clients, Horace, turned 98 years old. 75 years after Auschwitz, Horace is here at Alpert JFS’ Eat & Schmooze lunch, spending time socializing with other survivors and the caring Alpert JFS staff. Happy Birthday, Horace!

This is one of 29 socialization events that we host each year for our Holocaust survivors. Horace is just one of 300 Holocaust survivors that is served by Alpert Jewish Family Service. No agency in our community has done more for Holocaust survivors than Alpert JFS, who has been helping Holocaust survivors for over 40 years through our various programs, including our Holocaust Survivor Assistance Program (funded by Claims Conference), care management, enhanced companion program, counseling, food pantry and support groups.


Many survivors live in poverty. We need to help them now, while we still can. You can make your donation by clicking here.

For more information on our Holocaust Survivors Assistance Program, visit


Alpert JFS is here for our Holocaust survivors. Always have been. Always will be.

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