Yom HaShoah is the day all of Israel and Jews around the world commemorate the Holocaust, the six million Jews who perished, and the heroism of Jewish resistance of that period…and survivors. It is a day of great importance – for tradition, continuity, connection, and familiarity with all that is meaningful. We have, and will continue to remember – for ourselves and for future generations.

It has never been more important to make history relevant. . .to care and share with one another.  Today, especially, let us remember what was endured, and what has been overcome. There is still much work to do.

The Holocaust survivors in our midst provide inspiration and hope. Despite the atrocities they lived through, they have shown resiliency time and time again. We consider it a privilege to work on behalf of their dignity, providing comprehensive services, including care coordination and management, in-home care, companionship and transportation, socialization programs, food, and emergency financial assistance. The team of seven full-time employees in our Holocaust Survivors Assistance Program identifies and addresses the distinct social welfare, health care, and emotional needs of survivors with the utmost sensitivity. They help them navigate the Reparations Benefits Process and provide socialization opportunities for this special group of seniors.

We are honored to be one of the local Jewish Family Service agencies that the Claims Conference has entrusted with easing the lives of Holocaust survivors. We are here for them today, and we will be here for them tomorrow and all the days after.


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