Eleven Jews were murdered today, on Shabbat, in a synagogue, for the “crime” of being Jewish.  They join a list of the millions upon millions of Jews that suffered a similar fate.  We condemn the evil that led to this tragedy.  We pray for the souls of the deceased.

We pray for those that were wounded today.  We pray for their complete recovery of body, mind and spirit.

We pray for the families and friends of the deceased and wounded and for the community where they live.  May the All-Merciful One bring them comfort and show them how to move forward.

Our Agency has contacted the Pittsburgh Jewish Family and Community Service and let them know to contact us if we can be of help in any way.  While we are about 1,100 miles apart, Jewish Family Service Agencies are connected at the heart.

Evil is unpredictable.  It is not hard to imagine something similar happening here.  If it does, Ferd and Gladys Alpert Jewish Family Service will be there to help our community heal.  It will not be easy but it will be necessary and it is what we do.

Throughout history, Jews have proven to be a resilient people.  Jews owe it to those that came before us to continue and strengthen our resilience.  Jews owe it to those that will come after us, so they may know the joys of being a Jew.  Jews remain, in spite of the efforts of the most evil of men, G-d’s Chosen People.

May G-d bless us and give us strength.  May today be a reminder to let those close to you know how much you love and cherish them.

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