Challenge Accepted: Philanthropist Steps Up for Holocaust Survivors

“My Mother is a Holocaust Survivor born on the Czechoslovakia Ukraine border. She was 1 of 9 children, and only herself, her brother and her sister survived. She came to the United States in 1947 and now seasonally resides in Boca Raton. One day, we were talking about philanthropy and the needs of Holocaust Survivors as they age. I always had a sense of the surprising statistics about Jewish poverty, because we’ve always heard a lot about Jewish success. We […]

Mentors Step In to Fill the Void on Take Your Child to School Day

“Feeling very blessed. I am very grateful for the agency and for your support. You did an awesome job with matching my boys with great men! They do wonderful with filling the void in my boys’ lives with just being great male figures.” –Maria, mother of M4K mentees, Kevin and Jaden. This year, September 27th was designated “Dads Take Your Child to School Day” by The Palm Beach County School District, in collaboration with the Florida Department of Education.  Grandfathers, […]

Giving Back, Getting Back. AmeriCorps Volunteer Makes Lasting Impact on Local Seniors

Giving Back, Getting Back. AmeriCorps Volunteer Makes Lasting Impact on Local Seniors Alan Newmark became an AmeriCorps volunteer through Alpert Jewish Family Service in West Palm Beach, Florida. He grew up in Brooklyn, New York and moved to Lake Worth, Florida in 2008. Upon retirement, Alan decided that he wanted to help seniors in the community, and after learning about the program, he took the steps to become an AmeriCorps volunteer. This was Alan’s first experience as a volunteer and he […]

The Unsung Heroes: Stepping In & Stepping Up When No One Else Can

Guardians are responsible for managing the affairs of those determined by a court to be unable to make decisions or manage their affairs. Guardianship is an extremely important responsibility. The Alpert JFS professional Guardianship team is devoted to helping our clients by keeping them safe, connecting them to necessary services and helping them live as independently as possible. This month, Evelyn will be moving into a new apartment and is enjoying her new part-time job. She is taking her medication […]

Alpert JFS CEO Statement on Pittsburgh Tragedy

Eleven Jews were murdered today, on Shabbat, in a synagogue, for the “crime” of being Jewish.  They join a list of the millions upon millions of Jews that suffered a similar fate.  We condemn the evil that led to this tragedy.  We pray for the souls of the deceased. We pray for those that were wounded today.  We pray for their complete recovery of body, mind and spirit. We pray for the families and friends of the deceased and wounded […]

Updates! What’s New at Alpert JFS

First and foremost… Welcome to Our New Website!    We hope you enjoy it. Some significant changes have taken place and we wanted to make sure everyone is aware of them. We have rebranded. Alpert Jewish Family & Children’s Service (AJFCS) is now Alpert Jewish Family Service (Alpert JFS). Not only is our “new” name easier to say and communicate, but it comes with a beautiful new logo and identity.   We hope you enjoy the vibrant, new look. The […]

The Longest Match Mentoring partnership hits seven years – and there’s no inkling of an itch

In some ways, the life of retiree Michael Rubin is a giant cliche. He’s an ex-New Yorker who retired here for the sunshine and warm weather. He loves golf. He loves Florida baseball. He loves not working. But when he and his wife, Susan, moved to Lake Worth eight years ago, he also knew generosity had to be a part of their so-called golden years. So in 2010, Rubin signed up for mentoring through the Alpert Jewish Family Service’s Judith […]

Michael A. Lampert Elected President of Alpert JFS

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. (PRWEB) July 10, 2018 Michael A. Lampert, Esq., a board-certified tax lawyer in West Palm Beach, is honored to announce his re-election as president of the Alpert Jewish Family Service. Rabbi Yosef Rice of Palm Beach Synagogue where the Lamperts are members, delivered the dvar Torah at Lampert’s installation on June 4th, 2018. Prior to his position at the Alpert Jewish Family Service, Lampert has lectured extensively to both professional and community organizations and served for six […]

Retired pediatrician comes to the rescue – first as a mentor, then as a dream maker

Dr. Daniel Kraft knows kids. After all, he’s a retired pediatrician. So when Dr. Kraft found out that the boy he mentors through Alpert JFS didn’t have a bicycle, he hatched a plan. “Every kid in the world should know how to ride a bike,” Dr. Kraft says. And the good doctor knew just where to turn. Since 1999, Jack Hairston – well known around town as Jack The Bike Man – has been collecting bicycles, fixing them up – if […]
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