Guardians are responsible for managing the affairs of those determined by a court to be unable to make decisions or manage their affairs. Guardianship is an extremely important responsibility. The Alpert JFS professional Guardianship team is devoted to helping our clients by keeping them safe, connecting them to necessary services and helping them live as independently as possible.

This month, Evelyn will be moving into a new apartment and is enjoying her new part-time job. She is taking her medication as prescribed and has a wonderful quality of life. She has the family support that she had been longing for, and she feels the bond of a loving family.

The Alpert JFS Guardianship team helped Evelyn move into an Assisted Living Facility, where she would receive care and attention. They also made sure she was receiving proper medical care and appropriate medication. Evelyn made very good progress and entered outpatient psych programs.

Two years ago, Evelyn’s neighbor called the Adult Protective Services to check on her after weeks of noticing that Evelyn, who was living alone, was unable to manage bathing or cleaning and that she was living in squalor. She had chronic mental illness and neglected to seek proper medical care. Evelyn’s behavior had become aggressive.

There are so many vulnerable adults like Evelyn who never receive the help that they need because nobody noticed or called for help. If you know of someone who might need help, make the call. You could save someone’s life.

Call the Alpert JFS Intake & Referral Department at (561) 684-1991.


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